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I should add a bit more backstory. The two Americans went to stay in this guy's hotel, which would've been basically a concrete shell of some kind. They checked in and went up to their room and found there was no running water, so like anyone would do, they left the hotel. They hadn't paid yet.

Spiderman followed them out, yelling and getting angry, and started throwing bricks at the Americans while some mate of his tried to hit them with a scooter. One of the backpackers was a farm kid from Iowa, fucking massive guy. Eventually he just had enough, and apparently grabbed the dude off the scooter and just launched him through the air. So Spidey ran off back to his place, got the pistol and chased the Americans into the hotel I was in. The hotel refused to call the police because 'this is Laos, the police don't do anything'.

Several hours the police showed up to take a statement from the backpackers, and the two officers just scrolled through facebook while listening to the story. Sad really.

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In northern Mongolia and parts of the west I saw maybe one or two other vehicles per day, but I tried to stick to the most used tracks as much as possible to keep the risk level down. I followed truck tracks and power lines, so there were only really two days that were remote. The other days there were vehicles every hour or two, although they could pass me several kilometres away (no fixed roads).

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No, unfortunately. I parked it in a corporate car park near my folks’ place in Switzerland and it got towed. To be honest it solved a lot of problems. I couldn’t sell it there because it was too small and shit and I had no way of taking it to a yard to get destroyed. I still don’t know what happened to it. Part of me likes to imagine someone else hopped on and rode it back to Mongolia.

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I actually walked into it. It was in Laos. This local guy with a big spider tattooed across his chest got in an argument with two American backpackers. He followed them back to their hotel (also my hotel) and was holding them in the lobby with a small pistol when I walked in. He held the three of us, but I told him I just wanted to go get food so eventually he let me go (he spoke English). I brought some locals back with me and together we were able to calm him down.

In reality he was scared of the Americans. One of them was like 6’5” and built like a brick shithouse. Apparently he’d lifted the Laotian off his scooter (before he went and got the gun) and thrown him on the ground.

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one guy did offer me tea and then stole my iPad mini while i wasn't looking. i realised a few hours later, knowing I'd packed it that morning and there were no other possibilities, and rode back to his house to get it back. he pretended like nothing had happened until I banged the table. then he went and got it out of a cupboard, under a pile of clothes.