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What should low conscientiousness people do?

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Can you please comment more on the school shooter / disenfranchised man phenomenon? I'm sure you had a much more nuanced argument in your conversation with Nellie Bowles -- could you relay that here?

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Tell the truth

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People are attracted to anything that gives them an excuse not to succeed, and these sets of beliefs are all about victimhood and reasons beyond your control that you're unable to succeed

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Dr. Peterson has addressed this on his blog. No, he does not mean redistribution of partners. He means making non-monogamy less socially acceptable can curb maladaptive behaviours like pareto-distributed sexual success (which are overall maladaptive because women who become pregnant by "studs" are less likely to have any paternal involvement in their children's lives). Basically, he thinks monogamy emerged for a reason, and enforced monogamy is a term distinguishing it from genetic monogamy (which occurs in some species)