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youshouldwanttoknow74 karma

I'm a nurse and it's the same with our chain of command. Got an amazing satisfying story for you tho:

We had this patient who was a "Poo-casso" (aka smearing it all over his walls), and obviously the smell was disturbing everyone, but he refused to come out to shower and give an opportunity to clean the cell. The complaint goes up the chain with each level basically going "can't safely do anything about it," until it reaches one of the Associate Wardens, who orders a team to use force to remove him from the cell and lock him in a shower until he complies. EVERYONE (all levels of custody, medical and mental health, even random inmates who heard the plan) is saying that it's a terrible idea, but Poo-casso is going to submit to the AW's authority, damn it!

So the plan goes down as ordered, and now the guy is doing the same thing except now he's in the shower (and that building only has 4).

Everyone: "Now what, AW? *cough cough* Told ya so! *cough*"

AW: Which building? Poo-casso WILL submit to my authority after I speak to him!

...And then the AW got lots of poo flung at him. The end! :D