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Do the Reddit AMA mods charge you any kind of fee to allow you to use this post as a pretty blatant advertisement? How much do they charge?

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Not the author, but you’re already seeing a frightening number of clinics opening up that are claiming stem cell infusions as a cure all. I work in the biotech field, and there are many clinically proven usages of stem cells. But they typically involve full stem cell transplants where you are re-grafting your own immune system (or that of a donor) back onto itself after wiping out cancer with chemotherapy, for instance. These clinics are just infusions of banked stem cells into joints, tumors, or localized areas.

I have friends even chasing these clinics down because the clinics prey on the hopelessness of a terminal diagnosis. I am terrified that one of them will someday catch a charismatic founder or leader like Holmes and suddenly take off without the clinical proof this industry demands.

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Especially being in Jeff Sessions’ home state. That dude hates weed more than almost any other public official.

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Any interest in ever locking yourselves in a windowless room to write another album? Or was this one time enough to keep you guys satisfied on that front?

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Did you really cross off "kill someone" from that joke poster in your living room in front of some floozie from the bar?