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Can you give any tips on how you run a D&D session when one of your goals is therapy? What do you differently compared to if you were running a "regular" D&D game?

(I am an experienced Dungeons & Dragons DM and am planning on running a session soon for some first-time players, one of whom is struggling a bit with mental health. They love RPGs and I'd like to create an environment for them to unwind and meet some new people.)

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thanks for the great response. keep up the good work!

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In recent years, I've removed caffeine, red meat, dairy, and alcohol from my diet (caffeine and alcohol were a personal choice, red meat and dairy were steps towards veganism). Do changes like this have an overall healthy, unhealthy, or negligible affect on an average person's gut microbiome? Is there any benefit to making big dietary changes like this abruptly vs gradually?