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Not OP but I think his answer is pretty clear. He says they have low acceptance rate but favor people from 'non-traditionnal' background. Implying that people who would think they won't get in (because of the 'non-traditionnal' part) would shy-away from applying because of that.

Of course with no acceptance rate published this could all be BS and they accept everyone which would make most people shy-away.

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Paul would have been the worst to hang out with while Jesus was alive :).

Edit: Paul 5AD to 67AD. Was a persecutor of the early disciples before his conversion.

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I don't understand why you get downvoted. Selling animals at pet stores has no rational nor human reason to be a thing. Animals on display like they're a carton of milk makes no sense, and even if you don't want to adopt and want to buy a pure breed for whatever reason there are plenty of breeders you can choose from and visit to find one. The internet makes it very easy... And this way you can see where they were brought up and make sure what the OP refers to doesn't happen.

My guess is people who downvoted you bought an animal at a pet store and feel guilty.

Edit: glad to see the tides have turned. When I commented the above comment was in the negative votes.

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It's actually pretty standard. Most I've seen are a bunch of videos followed by questions to make sure you understood the point. There's no need for any prior knowledge or training, so reading from a binder or a master iPad is all you need.

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Free beer is a serious answer. I can see a shift in inclusive churches turning into community-first kind of churches. Sure the preaching of love and seeing Jesus in everyone is important, but the community in our days is what brings people in and makes them feel welcome and bring a sense of belonging first of all. If free beer is what it takes, so be it.