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yorkshirenoodles75 karma

I am looking forward to watching this; it sounds absolutely fascinating. Post Industrial America is an interesting topic in itself, and I saw below it is what led you to the film's subject: the opiod epidemic. What did you teach befor you quit? I am guessing High School History? (I used to be a Lit teacher; 12 years).

yorkshirenoodles13 karma

Ah that's cool; I taught in Vietnam (Lit and Drama) and Phuket (same subjects, both private British international schools) and am also now back in the West. Coming back to the UK after being abroad does make me view it differently. Sometimes I feel like we are witnessing a decline of the West, or at least a significant socio/economic shift (think I read China's Asian Dream and then Prisoners of Geography in close succession and this has contributed somewhat to me thinking this too).

Anyway, all this is to say I look forward to watching the film as it sounds very interesting and well done for getting it made and out there!