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  • What OS are you using right now? Which OS do you prefer?
  • What are your favorite programming languages?

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Thanks for an explanation! Could you expand on the difference at all and possibly include some examples? Does that mean Solicitors never go to court?

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Mr. Azaria,

Thanks for doing this! As one of the moderators on /r/judaism can you verify that you did actually grow up speaking Ladino? Do you still?

Also, what was it like on the set of The Birdcage? How much was ad-libbed? Any great stories?

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He must prefer OSX Tabby Cat

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Thanks so much for doing this and for providing proof!

  • I have a colleague who likes to say that AI hasn't made any progress recently (I don't know if he means since the 80's or just within the last decade). How can I counter this with examples and reasoning?

  • I hear that Eliezer rocks in person. Can you confirm?

  • Know any good futurology/singularity podcasts?