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Heya Yishan!

I'm doing exactly what you told me not to do (asking for an advice lol).

What can you say to a young man starting his career in the tech industry (one that doesn't have many ambitions but wants to keep going)?

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How serious are hemorrhoids?

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Your answer did wake me up to several things, as I am living almost everything that you described.

Thank you so much for your response and how inspiring it is.

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Hello :) I'm 21 and i was diagnosed with ADHD last year. Since i was a litte kid, i remember struggling to keep my attention and actually do what I need to.

For example, even if I'm short on time and have a deadline, I still waste tremendous amount of time watching YouTube videos.

It makes me frustrated but I'm not a big fan of meds, so I did look for something more 'natural'. I've started drinking coffee last year and I can definitely see some progress, although not as effective as the medicine itself.

What's your opinion on coffee as a tool for enhancing focus / productivity?