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do you get goosebumps when you are cold? I know that they are attached to the hair follicles

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I must applaud you on your English; It is better than most of my coworkers (I work at an English hogwan in SK) What English speaking countries have you lived in?

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How is the gender of the two embryos unknown? If they are doing a genetic test for MD than finding two X chromosomes or XY would be simple (XX = female XY=Male). And not finding the XX or XY chromosome would mean major problems.

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If you hit your head, do you "hear" it? (you said that the devise resonates through your skull)

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Some news outlets are bringing up the idea that these are isolated incidents, saying that its a few bad directors, and not a nation wide problem. Do you agree? Do you think that your case is being handled this way because of where you live? or Do you think that the VA on the whole is flawed?