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Hello. This is related to number 8: at my school on Tuesday, there were threats from two idiots who decided they wanted to do a school shooting on that Friday. I'm appalled that the principal at your school wasn't even going to suspend the kid; the two kids at my school that were "planning" it were arrested and expelled. Over 200 people were absent last Friday because they were still scared that someone would bring a gun on Friday.
I'm ashamed to go to an American school for the fact that most of them just suck so badly, and I hate shitty teachers who hate kids and are just waiting to retire, so thank you for being a good teacher.

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I'd consider you a good teacher. You actually want to help the students, unlike so many other teachers... Like I've said, I hate shitty teachers who just want to retire. A few years ago, one of those types of teachers completely fucked up the curriculum for some people in my grade. She taught us the wrong level of math, so I instead had to repeat the same year of math. By the time she actually realized it, it was "too late" and she stuck with teaching the same things that we'd learned in the previous year. Now (thank God) she's retired, and I'm a year behind in math, as well as 30 other students. I unfortunately have many stories of shitty and/or stupid teachers. You are obviously far from one of them. Anyway, I admire you for teaching at such a school; it's definitely not something I could do.