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Bad advice. It's definitely 500 different "hey." messages sent out indiscriminately at 11PM on a Friday, followed by a picture of your dick with the toilet in the background, followed by something angry about being a nice guy. My patented 3-step formula.

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God, too true. You're not even plugging him but now I'm craving orange chicken.

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I don't want our interactions to get "weird" and have them feel weird about lightly flirting with me because it makes them "gay", they're all much older men and grew up in a different time so I'd rather just let them live in blissful unawareness.

I get that.

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Aaahh, here we have the source of the enabling of old lady entitlements: this nice young man.

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Yes, I love how Reddit is not just a place to gain a new asshole if you're feeling vulnerable to begin with. Sometimes they really help people.