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Thanks for your question! My personal opinion is that I do believe chiropractors can be helpful.  My understanding is that the field is well regulated by state and national boards.  I have seen excellent results in some of my patients after other treatments have not helped.

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Thanks for your question! The field of scoliosis has certainly changed over the past 20 years.  We are able to understand better who needs to be treated and what stage in their lives.  For children, there is new technology that allows the metal rods to expand as the spine develops.  For surgery today we have specialized navigational systems and robotics that allow the surgeon to accurately place the screws with incredible precision, less trauma to the muscles, and less blood loss.  This has allowed for faster recovery and less time in the hospital. I hope that over time, we'll see even more improvements to treatments.

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Thanks for your question! One of the problems with having a bad posture is the potential development of permanent changes in your spine that can lead to further problems.  I would certainly recommend consideration for an evaluation by a therapist to help you develop a strengthening program and correction of your posture.

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Thanks for your question! After 20 years in practice, I have learned that there are certain conditions on which surgery can be avoided.  Clearly, this depends on the patient's neurological examination and whether there are any deficits that could be irreversible if surgery is not performed early. Conditions such as neck pain or back pain can sometimes be alleviated without requiring surgical intervention with the help of a good team.

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Thanks for your question. There are multiple things that we look for in regard to corrective surgery.  Things that take high importance on our list is the neurological condition of the patient. There are certain conditions in which the patient can have lower extremity weakness or significant stenosis that can lead to bowel bladder dysfunction. Pain clearly also is a factor as well as the degree of curvature.