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Hi, nice to chat with you. I am a student from China. As we all know, there is an increasing tendency for Chinese students to study in America and the competition is really intense. many of Chinese students have SAT 2200+ and TOEFL 105+. I know grades don't mean anything. So I just wonder

1\what kind of attitudes and strategy do you hold towards international students and which kind of undergraduates are you looking for (I mean, what kind of personality or traits).

2\As for the schools, I would like to know what the spirits of U Rochester, what are the way or idea of teaching, why it is different from other universities, what the influences or traits do the college imparts to the students, what contributions and inspirations can we gain and make inside and outside the college.

3\and after all, why do you choose to work in U Rochester for so long, what does the college attracts you?

Thank you~~~

yijiewang1 karma

What is the biggest advantage of the U of R and what is the most proud trait of being in the U of R?