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I think the cause of addiction is the drug. How and why people start taking drugs depends on other factors.

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I understand that "Stay safe" feels wrong to you. It puts the blame on girls only because in your country "Stay safe" is a thing said only to females.

we need to de-code the messages they receive (from home, church, school, culture) that say rape is ok, women are inferior, and call it out.

I am proposing the same education for everybody. My example was bad because I dont live in America. Read my edit. I was told to "stay safe" when I was young. It helped me understand the strugle women face everyday.

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I don't think different educations for boys and girls is good. It puts the blame on boys. Don't do that in the future. That can make some boys feel like sexual asault is something bad but also something mens do.

Maybe teaching both, boys and girls, to "stay safe".

Edit: My parents told me to "Stay safe" when I was 13, I am a boy. My dad took me and say. If someone ever touches you there you must tell me. There is some bad people that likes to do those things. Is just a hit to the real world and I think helped me to be aware about that thing called rape. I did not understan what that meant before.