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Can you answer the reverse of that question? I.e. why do people (generally) on the left seem so intent on making sure everyone knows that it is just "a few bad apples" when it comes to Islamic terrorism, but still want to severely limit access to guns? Where does the disconnect come from? (genuinely curious, not trying to be a smart ass)

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Unless I missed something crazy that somebody like Trump said, no one is talking about kicking out any US citizens, Muslim or otherwise, just strictly monitoring immigration from a part of the world where a lot of people hate the West.

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The original question is an odd question, I'm just asking the same thing in reverse. The issue we are really talking about is things that are potentially dangerous. Guns, in that many people are killed with guns, and Muslims because some percentage of Muslims are radicalized and commit acts of terrorism. In each case the "bad" is a small minority. That's the similarity.

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Our of curiosity, what is the counter-argument for keeping no-limits hunting around? What is the total wolf population and what would be a sustainable rate of death per year for the population to remain stable?

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Why are people shooting the wolves in the first place?