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Are you satisfied with barr's summary? Or do you think it's suspect and that the full report needs to be released?

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How much did your job change in terms of automation in the two years that you were there. I'm off the opinion that Amazon cares very little about goodwill with its employees because it plans to ultimately ramp up automation in its warehouses and delivery vehicles and layoff most of the workforce. Do you feel like that process is already threatening positions like yours and do you feel that unionization would be short lived because of it?

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One for the books

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How do we know for sure that someone isn't feeling pain when they take a drug cocktail like this? Is it possible that they are feeling pain even though they aren't showing physical signs of it?

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That's debatable, some people just have overreactive tonsils. Your tonsils are hardly your body's only line of defense against infection. The quality of life benefits far out way the risk of a serious infection imo. 5 infections is probably a good bench mark regardless, but fewer if we're talking serious strep throat.