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You're god damn right it will.

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"Daddy, why am I named Dexter?"

"You're named after a serial killer from a TV show. Now, don't you have a playdate soon? Lil' Patrick Bateman is always early, so make sure your room is clean!"

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When I was a kid I went with my buddy and his mom. She insisted on holding our hands through the super dark haunted house so we didn't get separated. Well, that's not completely feasible when you're getting scared left and right, and at one point I lost her hand for a second when a zombie jumped out at me or something. So I immediately put my hand out, and her hand grasps mine, and we're walking for a few seconds...and then I look at the hand holding mine. It's glowing. So is the person's face. Someone wearing a scary glow-in-the-dark costume had taken my hand and had patiently waited for me to discover it on my own, knowing that would be 10x scarier than a "BOO!"

I flipped the fuck out.

And as soon as this guy realized just how utterly terrifying that was to an 8 year old, he was super cool. He took me out the nearest exit, sent someone in to find my buddy and his mom, and let me try on the gloves and mask. He made sure I was calm and smiling again before leaving to go terrify other little kids.

TLDR: if they do a truly good job of terrifying you they'll make sure you're okay before going and fucking with other people.

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I think you've really created something special here. I can't wait for episode 2.

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Personally I think the "moderators rule all" approach is deeply flawed and has caused very public problems in the past, but thus far you guys have been pretty adamant about sticking with that model. On the other hand, people tend to be more aware of when it's going wrong than when it's going right.

Are you guys open to being a little more hands on in the future with subs that have problematic mods? I'm not talking about you guys stepping in during every minor controversy, but right now the policy at Reddit HQ seems to be completely hands-off. There have been many cases of abuse by moderators and it would really, really be nice if there was some process users could initiate that could result in the removal/replacement of certain mods in certain cases.

There are a lot of issues that would have to be discussed if you guys were to go down this path, but right now my question is simply whether or not you guys would consider a more hands-on role.