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Was anyone in your group surprised by the arrest? Did anyone argue with the police about how why they shouldn’t have been arrested?

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You buried your in point in the manure with your first sentence. Hospitals and doctors don’t price solely for profit. The only thing a healthcare provider brings is a middleman billing system to the mix. With an increasing cost of overhead and minimizing of coverage.

Each healthcare provider wants to get $14k for each family as part of ACA. They also want to maximize profits so they now have 4-10k deductible per family hoping that the average person will not get any benefit for their 14k annual investment.

The healthcare provider to the health system is the same as Costco is to the food industry. Picture being forced to buy a membership for the privilege of paying $4 for a gallon of milk. Costco would control the prices of milk. As well as Boost the cost of their membership. Costco’s administrative costs would increase the price of milk as well as the cost for the membership. Costco would also throw up a smokescreen about the increasing price of milk by blaming it on the dairy farmers.

It used to be that a doctor had a choice of charging $20 or a chicken for a baby delivery. Now the doctor is no longer involved in the billing process and it is left to staff and the healthcare provider.

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Can you write me a prescription for laughing gas?

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Do people pay you to do this or a ransom to remove all of the traps from the building?