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How do you feel about ideas to legalize prostitution?

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I'm asking because I'd like to understand your perspectives and background regarding the topic you are investigating.

Everybody I've ever met who has researched or investigated human trafficking has seemed blown away by what they found. I applaud anyone researching the topic.

That said, are you saying you've not had that topic, legalized prostitution, come up whatsoever in your research?

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Are there any experimental or theoretical areas of science that focus on how to impart knowledge without actually earning it (a la the Matrix “I know Kung fu”)? Or even just areas we could potentially radically improve or expand education, perhaps through controversial methods?

I often think about how we are born essentially the same as any animal in nature, and it takes culture and education to become less ignorant.

This is a fascinating topic, thanks for doing the AMA.

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Have you been inspired to take on any new musical projects from this? Learn a new instrument? Bring a band on tour in some of the cities you visited? What’s your next move?

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I haven't, I've just been very close to some people who have. I'm not trying to draw a connection or lack thereof to trafficking, prostitution, etc. was just curious what you have found or think based on the research.

I see legalize prostitution thrown around a lot and support it on the surface but this is not an area I would claim to have expertise.