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This already exists on thingiverse. There are heaps of things.


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Welcome to society. I disagree with your opinion, but I'll sure as hell defend your right to have it.

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I live in New Zealand. I'm pakeha (white) but there are some interesting Maori tradition or customs that are commonly followed. Like not sitting on tables. Places where food is consumed are tapu (sacred), so its considered insulting to sit on a table.

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Thank you, that was useful for me. Still in the ELI5 zone... useful for what?

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Digital Preservation worker from a different country. We archive country related sub reddits as part of our web harvesting program.

We grab it either via Web Curator Tool, or as part of the mass harvest arrangement we have with the Internet Archive.

It would go in to our collections as a part of digital collections, packaged and described like all our other born digital content.