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How do you deal with the smell? Driving past a paper mill is always a struggle

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Which piece of technology do you think most people would rather give up, indoor plumbing or cell phones?

Which would you choose?

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Is it your goal to prioritize what is best for your client even if it’s not in your own best interest?

If this is the case can you give an example of where the best advice for the client actually caused you to lose money?

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If I made a snide and sarcastic comment could you access my life and ruin it?

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That intro seems a lot more like an advertisement than a public service announcement.

I browsed your site and i don’t fully understand the way your company makes money. I would guess that you get referral fees for driving traffic to the sites where books or access codes are eventually purchased.

My first question is how does your site make money?

The other issues that raises suspicion on my part is the fact that your company isn’t trying to actually help students beat the textbook industry. The textbook lobby is despicable, but supported by policy makers and educators so not fully to blame.

My second question is: does your company direct students to information outside of the textbook industry so that demand for textbooks will eventually decline and students will be able to explore relative content from any number of sources or does your company simply direct students to industry driven information, creating a second hand market for textbook sources, which supports and furthers the textbook industry as well as creates a middle man to profit off secondary transactions?

Sorry for the wordiness of the second question and thank you for taking the time to do the AMA.