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Almost brought tears to my eyes, actually it did, my wife asked what I was crying about. I get emotional sometimes.

Hey dude, I'm in my 40s. You'll hear crap from guys my age but the fact that you woke up so early to just view our government in action is more proof that your generation might be a bit of salvation from mine and my parents. I have hope in you folks, I have a 17 year old son, I have hope in him. Good luck and help fix us. We need y'all.

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YES! An AMA that's useful to me. OK, so what do you see on that screen of yours? I've been to 60+ countries and travel all the time as a US citizen. Every single time I come back, usually landing at ATL, I get my automatic kiosk rejected (100% of the time) and have to stand in line. No idea why that is, but the officer clicks, clicks, clicks, asks me a few questions, stamps my stuff and I'm off. Never been detained, never had my stuff searched, I have 100s of stamps on my passport.. is that why? A lot of Latin America in there too.

What is on that screen? Edit: More importantly why am I 100% rejected from the kiosk?

Edit 2: Also you all do great work and are always nice and I appreciate it after a 12 hour red-eye from Buenos Aires.

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I'm financially independent so I'm not worried about unemployment for myself. I'm desperately worried about it for my community though. So keep that in mind with what I say next.

I'm not worried about the markets and I've been placing trades daily since this happened.

I've dealt with 2001 and 2008. I know what happens next. Of course I'm moving money around and I represent about 38% of shareholders. *edit: what happens next is that the economy bounces back and I make a shitload more money.

The bottom 80% of earners in this country represent around 8% of shareholders.

The mass of unemployed people represent around 1% of shareholders.

So that's why. Take this for all it's worth and think about it. Keep in mind the top 20% of earners in this country own 92% of the stock. The top 1% own 38%.

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I'm locked down. I live on an island in SW FL. We're already out of gas. Stations are empty. My generator is filled, my propane tanks are filled, I have a month of food in my freezer and a month of MREs. My 100% concrete house has accordion hurricane shutters. I think we're set.

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I have empathy. In the late 90s I lost well over a million by dealing with shady people. I won't get into details on names but I had some early porn sites, sold interests in them, and got involved with strip club owners. I was like 25 at the time, WTF did I know? Rolling in cash, invest in a strip club that had ties to the wrong people, and we all went down. I moved to Europe after that shit settled and didn't come back for years.

I saw me in Cohen, 25-26 year old me in Cohen. I get it. Lived all highfaultin for years and now the chips fall and you're fucked. You have detectives in your house asking you questions, gathering your documents, taking your computers and writing with sharpies on them. That was the worst. Using a returned computer with my damn case number and name on it and the crap would NOT come off. Love you sharpie but also hate you.

All those people surrounding you are now gone, no more limo rides. The people who helped lead you to the well of fire are now gone, probably in jail.

Yeah it sucks and I feel that Cohen knows all if it. 3 years isn't bad, he'll probably do 1 1/2 in a white collar. Come out and bounce back on parole, write a book or whatever, and probably be a much better man. I noticed there are two types, guys like me that get shot out of a meat grinder and become good people, or guys like Trump that shove people through a meat grinder and forget they exist. Cohen will end up a good guy in the end. Sucks to be sucked in by mobsters like Trump.