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Not well - It was brutal to watch humanity just devolve so fast and so violent. Take away food, water, and hope - and people revert to survival mode with fight or flight kicking in to the tenth power. I did my best to complete the job and get people out, but at times I just lost it.

One morning we were launching buses to various pickup points and I looked over and saw this kitten crawling up out of the swamp - somehow through all the destruction and devastation this little kitten survived and I just started bawling like a baby. Every emotion just came to the surface.

My friend's heart couldn't take it - he had a heart attack in early October and died down there. It was, and still is tough thinking about everything that happened. Long answer - not sure I ever did cope with it, its probably still buried in me, waiting to come out.

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We're trying to do just that and could use all the help we can get. Have you seen www.4usxus.com? It's about a week away from being live but we're hoping this starts the fix

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Probably the 1st 100 buses sent down to the Superdome - it was complete carnage in and around that area and people were in horrific shape.

Second would have to be a random bus that came back to the staging grounds around 3am packed with paraplegics and people on ventilators with battery packs running them - some random special needs facility couldn't cope and just loaded as many patients on the bus in hopes it would get somewhere.

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The Administrator of FEMA is a critical post - one that absolutely requires an operational background in Emergency Management and preparedness - and should never be used as throne of appointment via the good ole boy network.

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Planning, Planning, Planning and running drills. We have short term memories - when things are good and calm and years go by without a major event, it's easy to forget how chewed up things can get, or how fast. I think there is some solid plans in place now, but back then - what a mess.