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We just shipped our third game since 2016, I think we deserve a tiny break before making any fourth game, vr or not. We're just a dozen of guys making games after all.

I do have some vr ideas I'd like to try, though!

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I'd love to! There's also a VR artbook to be made eventually.

I did make an internal book about the intricacies of how-to-superhot for new hires and overseas teams, thinking it'll allow me to have less oversight and more vacation time. https://imgur.com/a/7MSb37s

It did allow me to have less oversight, but I just found other work to do hands-on.

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for og SUPERHOT? We had a lot of things that inspired us all, some major inspirations I've heard Piotr admit to was Videodrome and a 2013 (i think) flash game about cat walking between people on a busy crossing.

for MCD we were probably mostly inspired by making SUPERHOT. And making MCD.

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It 100% is Feature Creep the Game