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Hey Jim! I love parks and rec, my question is how close are the personality of the characters on the show to the personality of the actors outside of the show? Also, I just want you to know that DAMMIT LARRY has become a regular saying of mine. I love you Jim. You rock!


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What is the most bizarre thing you have seen happen on the ship? Also, Have you ever lowered/raised the anchor, and is it as awesome as I think it would be?

xsuitup1 karma

Hi Jim, I loved parks and rec! One of the only shows that consistently made me smile and your character was one of my favorites!

I'd like to know, what's it like to be the "whipping boy" of the show and did you have any part of how your character changed over the show?

I was so happy how they made you mayor. I smiled until my face hurt haha!

Also, what is it like working with Amy Poehler? Is she as funny off screen as on screen?

Finally, how similar is everyone in real life to their actual characters?

Thanks for all the laughs, and Dammnit Jerry!