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psychological or physical?

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I was also a character at wdw for a long time. Auditioned for a face role after numerours other face actors suggested I looked exactly like Prince phillip. Didn't get selected, found out later the audition I attended they were really only looking for Kim possible and Ron stoppable. And since you can only attend one face audition a year I never tried again.

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I'm calling BS. From my understanding student loan debt (Sallie Mae and the like) are fully secured by the government, meaning no matter what you can never get out from under it without actually paying it. Since you can not file bankruptcy on this debt the loan holder has no incentive to let you out for a fraction of what you owe. Besides eventually they can garnish your wages, it may take them till your during day to collect on the loan but they dont give a shit

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do the artifacts come to life at night?

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Have tits Wear a short skirt Don't be unattractive