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Hi there, I was a long time sufferer of sleep apnea. After learning how to circular breath on a didgeridoo, I can whole heartedly tell you that I don't suffer anymore.

If I stop playing for over a month it tends to come back. Never quite as bad as I once had it though.

My question to you is, have you heard of this before? If so do you recommend it to people whom you've met with?

For me it's truly life saving and so much better than wearing a mask. I tell people about it and I think they get the impression I'm either lying or weird. I don't care to be honest because it's night and day for me.

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Americans, a "skip" is a dump, or Detroit.

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To be honest I'm not %100 sure what happens in my mouth or throat while playing. Common things I do are saying vowels. A,E,I,O,U.

A little back story. I would play the didgeridoo off and on just because I liked the sound. I started watching lessons on YouTube but couldn't quite understand why I wasn't able to replicate what I was hearing. It was only when I upgraded didge that I realized that the original one I had wasn't adequate for breathing and certain sounds. Once playing the new one I quickly picked up on it.

After maybe a month I noticed that my apnea wasn't bothering me. I could sleep without interruption. I did a little research and found that others have had the same experience. I guess I get excited over it because it was merely coincidental that I found out about it after the fact.

I'm not sure if it works for others or people had tried it and failed. What I do know is that the instrument is important. If I didn't buy the new didge I might have never realized. Instrumental Back pressure is important while playing. I don't know I guess I just worked out the muscles in my throat or something. The more you look into this music the more bizarre it gets. From a cultural perspective at least.

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Had to double check to see if I was actually reading this comment from reddit.

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Absolutely! one of the techniques that you can learn is diaphragm pulses. Forcing air out whist breathing through your nose. Slightly different than using your cheeks to blow out.