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DUDE. I download community at 2am every week in scotland. Cheers.

Do you feel a certain amount of pressure due to the reviews and fan support?

The fact that a huge amount of people here, the avclub, all over the interwebs kinda view your show to be like the earliest seasons of the simpsons is a pretty huge testament to the quality.

Sidebar - Favourite comedians? the fact you have had Patton Oswalt on is a huge thing for me, i would love to see Paul F Tompkins at some point.

Extra Credit - Any chance that kickpuncher may show up on channel 101?

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You have no idea the magnitude of retardation i felt when it was pointed out, but i decided to keep my stupidity in rather than edit it out.

And at least sir, you aren't Paul Reiser. That dude's life must suck BALLS right about now. Community has a fairly rabid fanbase. Plus there's something quite nice about being able to be an intellectual snob about your comedy. I like the fact that other people don't get/enjoy/care about community. Makes me feel smart (oh god i'm an asshole.)

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I would love to see a disaster movie spoof set in a blanket fort. Something like a huge collapse and turn the episode into the descent.