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What is your favorite config management tool and why?

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What is your server naming scheme? (if you can disclose that without security implications)

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As someone who is trying to make the jump from small scale web services to more large scale companies. Where is the best place for me to focus my time to gain more experience?

I'm torn between: web server management and scaling (apache, nginx, etc.) Config management (Puppet, Chef, etc.) databases (MySQL, Mongo, etc.) programming (Python, Ruby, etc.) Hosting platforms (AWS, Google Compute, etc.)

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Is it easy for you to tell what is on the server for alerts? When web27.ny.etsy.com goes down do you actually know why? I ask because it is a problem I am dealing with currently at work. Also how descriptive are your functions and do you have random app38 servers?

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Thanks, I'm glad to have reassurance of my decisions from someone who is already doing it.