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I think electricity was the most interesting invention.

This is englightening. We take electricity for granted, but its mainstream use is a relatively recent phenomenon. We'll talk like this about the Internet when we're old geezers, too.

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First of all, huge congratulations on beating cancer. I've got too many close people die of it. I'm very happy for you and your family, which I'm sure has suffered a lot too.

Now the question: do you recommend any special technique or reading about meditation and/or mindfulness? I'm going through some rough times right now and could use any help.

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Sorry if the question is lame, but you said the thing about smelling nice several times. Is it because usually men smell bad, or because women smell extraordinarily well?

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I'm afraid the Buddhist temple is not an option. I live in a small City in Spain, and there is nothing of that sort. A pity, because I like Buddhism's ideas. I love how it starts acknowledging that "life is suffering". Like having a friend tell you: "yes, life kinda sucks; but I'm going to tell you how to make it suck less".

But I'll try Headspace, thank you.