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Wow, that’s harsh. Perhaps “ghoul” would be the translation that captures some of that.

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That is a roller-coaster of a page.

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He's British.

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Are we fucked yet?

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You could well be right there. Here’s something I didn’t know:

The "iconic" ghoul in most minds, based on the Dungeons & Dragons version, which is in turn based on the H.P. Lovecraft version, is actually fairly close to the iconic "Romero Zombie"; an undead flesh-eater that ceaselessly hunts for prey and which carries debilitating diseases that can cause those it wounds or kills to eventually become ghouls themselves. This is actually quite fitting, as Romero himself referred to his original movie's monsters as "Ghouls", as at the time people only knew zombies from their role in Haitian mythology as undead automatons (which incidentally is the exact role that D&D zombies occupy).

From https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Ghoul