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Did you go to North Korea, or did you go to Pyongyang?

Because I had the chance to talk to defectors when they came to do a piece for the troops on Yongsan, and it's pretty clear they use Pyongyang as a sort of smokescreen for visitors.

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Military journalist here. I feel your pain on that, man. A lot of people don't really know how much you can lose for the news.

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Oh, neat. The only stuff I heard about was Pyongyang and a couple of the outlying areas.

What is it like out in the smaller cities? All I've heard about them is third or fourth person accounts, so getting a more personal view would be nice.

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Though I would like that, i'd rather see about getting an AMA from one of the DINFOS instructors. They have a lot more experience, and a broader knowledge base to answer questions from. Plus, they can brag about their Keith L Ware awards.

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I got the reference, serdadu. Were you at the mp beta this weekend?