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When I hit up my store about 45 mins before closing, and all the pre-bagged chips are gone, they sometimes get them "from the back". On several occasions, they were stale so I've stopping getting them.

Why is this ?

And thanks for doing this AMA.

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Can you give us the lowdown on the secret prices? For example, I know if the price tag has an asterisk or the price ends with .77, the item won't be back in the warehouse. Are there others ?

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I like my women like I like my coffee - held tightly between my legs while driving.

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I was hoping someone would post this!

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I ran my own NNTP server back in the early 90's. Got rid of it a few years later due to the spamming. Back then, I remember having our server download EVERYTHING and it amounted to about 9GB/day, which back in the 90's I thought was alot.

Question: What is the current daily traffic if one was to subscribe to all the groups ?