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As an avid Star Trek fan of 30+ years, let me start by saying your game is the closest I'll be able to come to designing my own starship and being able to explore it inside and out. Your game is probably on my top 3 of my Steam collection.

That being said, my questions are as follows;

Are you dead-set on keeping things as realistic as possible, or will we see some 'futuristic but still possible' tech in the future updates?

How much progress have you made with physics optimization? I'd like to think I've got a pretty decent PC (6 cores, 16gb RAM) but I still have issues when two large (Size, not just 'Large Ship') ships collide, or one collides into an asteroid, or a meteor hits, etc..

I'm a HUGE fan of having menial busywork. Do you have any plans to make devices require regular maintenance, even putting it into a config so those who aren't such a big fan of that can disable it?

Thank you for your time, I do hope my questions get answered, but as this is probably going to be a popular thread, I'll understand if I get missed.

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With the hiring of at least one member of the StarFoundry team, can we expect to see features from that mod make it into the vanilla game?