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Я читал новости сегодня, mal'chick



I'd say yes

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So you've confirmed that you are not gay, but you haven't confirmed whether or not you are taken. Super curious if you have a girlfriend or wife.

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  1. Who runs your Facebook page? Is it official or unofficial? Is it you or someone else? I follow it and love it but could never figure out if it's actually you or not.

  2. How often do people recognize you in public? Do you like it or does it get annoying?

  3. Do you ever read the LetsRun forums? (If you don't, you probably shouldn't)

PS keep being awesome! You're the future of women's distance running on the world stage :)

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I did add that edit last minute so maybe she didn't see the question, but I don't know of a single professional runner who would want to address that question in any way. I love wasting my time there but it's not really a friendly place for pro runners. Although people have overwhelmingly positive things to say about Mary Cain compared to other runners because there are really very few possible negatives.

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Instead we get the super classy "Has Lets Run Ever Mentally Broken Xenonscreams" thread. so amused