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In your show and in some of your stand up you come across as patriotic, which seems somewhat out of character for you, given you are seemingly so apathetic towards most things. Do you truly have pride and or respect for your country? and are you as apathetic as you come across?

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It depends on the haircut. I've groomed this one that come into my salon every other month and they just get a super common same length all over cut. 7/8" I think. Same as most doodles. Their breed standard cut doesn't look all that difficult, though. Especially if you've worked on giant schnauzers or airedales. A bit shaggier on the body I guess.

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It's funny you say that about Scotties. They're the one breed I avoid like the plague. I've just found that (around where I live, at least) Scottie owners don't train them at all. I've only worked with a handful of them, less than 10 different dogs I'd say, but every single one has been easily distractible, nippy, and just kinda crazy(alligator rolling for feet/leg stuff).