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Wait, but there is no 7 in the . . . ohhhhhhh.

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It doesn't help that the meat was initially presented in what appeared to be a petri dish.

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That's true. The main point behind the meat dress was MEAT DRESS, which is kind of pointless.

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Yeah, I think the English language is better off without "masterlily" (HA! Even Chrome's spell check appears to agree). I'm going to go ahead and keep using "masterful" instead of "masterly," other people's pet-peeves be damned.

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As someone to whom English is a second language, I'm in WAY over my head disagreeing with a veteran copy editor, but I think that particular meaning of "masterful" has long since began disappearing. Not only that, but "masterful" has slowly been encroaching upon the definition of "masterly," to such a degree that it sounds more natural in its stead even to a native speaker.