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We like to think that we domesticated dogs, but how much have dogs changed us?

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I had a wolf before. She was friendly to me for about 10 seconds when I got home from work each day, typical jump up and lick greeting with a couple tail wags, then she had nothing to do with me for the rest of the day. Their behavior is very different from dogs. They smell different too. It was obvious that what ever it is that makes dogs special to us was missing. We had a couple of mini dachshunds and the male she would cower to and roll over belly up. He seemed to make her do that for fun. She was 5 times his size and she treated him like the boss.

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Why is Reddit a Leftist echo chamber? Did you envision the Internet becoming so anti-free speech?

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Is having a pair of steel ones so huge you could trip over them considered a handicap?

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Shouldn't they be a little busy at the moment?