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Ant-Man got a demotion.

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That's like when I told my mom I wanted to play GTA to drive cars around..

It wasn't a complete lie...

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Eh, you think that but I just read about a guy who was wrongfully convicted based on insufficient evidence (no hard evidence, only two "eye witnesses who where hypnotized before giving their testimony, as if witnesses aren't already super unreliable) and he will only get $500,000. Before he gets it, he has to present proof of an alibi, which could be impossible since the events occurred more than 25 years ago. When I read that I was so angry, wrongfully convicted people should have their expenses paid for life IMO.

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Is Bill Burr as awesome in real life as he seems on his podcast?

Please say yes.

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Oh god now I'm worried I forced that out of you.

Was he actually? :D