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What is your opinion on current monetizing tactics in the dev world?

I.e, in game purchases, free to play models vs paid games, FreeLC vs paid DLC, etc.

Is there a difference in the quality of game that can be brought to the table when utilizing pay models that often are seen as "unnecessary" - mainly like loot boxes, etc.

An example i could give would be the EA controversy over Battlefront 2, where players could "pay to advance" rather than grind it out, or the loot box fiasco in general.

I'm not asking this question to shout out "EA BAD" like everyone else, but i generally want to know if these models actually go towards supporting a better game, or are just going to your bosses pockets / etc.

And as a developer, if there was one thing you could tell us players / consumers on how we could properly show support for the games we love, what would be your tip to all of us?

-side edit;
Also it's kind of cool to see that you worked on MHO.
It's a shame that game got shut down, as it really was a ton of fun to play.

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This is a really nice response, thank you for taking the time to write it.

I will definitely be giving your game a try! Here’s to hoping that a kind developer out there gets her big break.

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Did you have to deal with any form of perfectionism or feeling as if your early drawings "weren't good enough"?

I always had an interest in drawing, but i find that my idiotic sense of perfectionism just ends up frustrating me in the long run.

If you did deal with this, how did you overcome it, or find joy in drawing?

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This is a very informative answer, thank you.

A lot of people really demonize things like loot boxes, which to me, reminds me of being a little kid waiting to go buy myself a pack of Pokémon cards with my monthly allowance.

I fully believe in supporting the studios I feel put their heart and soul into their games and their communities, and while loot boxes / IGPs-IAPs, etc, all get a bad rep, it’s nice to know that there is sustainable reasoning behind it rather than it just being the ever forsaken “cash grab”

Hopefully someday a studio figures out a method of sustainability that’s fair to both the company, and the player. (Rather than, say compared to a Claw Machine, that’s designed rig your chances of winning, rather than being marketed / priced reasonably.)

Knowing what you’ve explained here makes those big passion projects like God of War, Bioshock, etc, all mean quite a bit more to me.

As they weren’t quite as sustainable as a game out there utilizing a season pass or purchase plan.

Thank you, friend!

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uh... who's kidney do i have to sell to get myself on a list of potential players / early adopters?