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Hi guys thanks for doing this!

My questions are -

What can regular people in the UK do to help maintain their privacy online? What equipment / practices would you advice?

What's your favourite movie?

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Is it possible that you could pack the wrong item for a customer? And what would happen if you did?

A friend of mine received something the other day that he hadn't ordered, but it was in his name etc and it just seemed strange.

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Thabjs for the reply! I thought that would probably be the case, the item was from Amazon directly, but my friend got a free ps4 so he's not gonna complain 😂

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Hey thanks for doing this.

So a friend and work colleague of mine had some issues with a fellow employee messaging them through Facebook every week or two, inviting them round to watch a movie or something similar, it sounds innocent but from reading some of the messages it comes across quite creepy and it was obvious what they were trying to get out of the situation. They would start the conversation about something normal, work or a film they overheard my friend talking about at work, and then go into the offer to come round etc. My friend has a partner and has never accepted, always asks where the persons partner is (they only message when they're away on business), and basically shuts down the conversation as quickly as they can.

They also live a few doors down the road from each other, although didn't know one another before starting this job, and I think that's what makes it seem even more sinister, they know when my friend is home and there's nobody else in etc because they can just take a peek out the window to see who's cars are home etc.

Would you consider this harassment? It's got to the point where my friend has became quite uncomfortable at work, and has told the culprit to stop being creepy etc when they message. It has quitened down now and is less of an issue, probably, but I feel almost guilty for knowing what's gone on and not doing anything about the situation, even though I was asked specifically not to, my friend was new to the company (I've been here years), and didn't feel that they could bring this to managements attention even though I did think that management should be made aware.

This probably isn't on the same scale as a lot of thing that you will deal with, or even be asked about on this post, but it's strange for me to get my head round as a male, because I don't generally have to deal with these sort of problems, and was honestly quite surprised by how sinister something that sounds so innocent can seem, and also how stressed my friend got over the situation wasn't nice to see.

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Tha bjs