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I’m in Cabarrus County. What can we get you for Christmas?

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Why do you think Governor Cooper finally decided to give you a pardon now after your case had been on his radar for so long (even before he was elected governor, according to the article)?

Where did you and your legal team’s efforts meet the most resistance - for example, did the Governor’s office seem more concerned that pardoning you would open the floodgates to many more applications? Was he waiting till after he was re-elected? Worried about media backlash?

Sorry if these are difficult or triggering questions. I am so glad you’ve been released, but have very mixed feelings about the process and congratulating those who made it happen when they could have done so sooner. I hope you’re not left with nothing more than a quick burst of GoFundMe donations after Cooper takes credit & the news cycle moves along to something else.

It’s especially sad that most people who would pitch in so you and your wife can be comfortable probably have a lot less spare cash right now.

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There’s a link to a GoFundMe in the article.

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Thank you so much for having the strength and resolve to not take that 3-year plea deal, and for saying their names here too.