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wtf_pizza1 karma

Interesting approach with the CDs. Any luck with those?

With the enormous rise of the digital format, I've been hesitant to put much effort into duplicating physical copies of the album, save for a potential run of vinyl. However, our manager has reminded me that CDs actually still do sell at gigs and that there are still people out there in the media who prefer a physical copy of the album in your press kit.

Links headed to your inbox in a few!

wtf_pizza1 karma

As an independent musician, what avenues have you been using to publish and distribute your albums? Curious because I have just gone through the hassle of figuring out how to release my independent band's first album.

We settled on using CDBaby for publishing because they're basically a one stop shop for distribution to the major digital music stores and streaming services. We also purchased their sync licensing service. We'll see how that goes.

I was annoyed when I discovered the requirements necessary to publish directly to iTunes. I was initially hoping to not have to go through a third party service for that just because I wanted to maintain complete control over our submission.