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Since you say you were a foreigner working at Studio Ghibli, how did you come to your position there? Did you apply or were you recruited? What drove you to pursue the position and what did your role there entail?

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If masks are not available (as is the case in China where supplies are insufficient), do clothing items like kerchiefs or scarves provide any meaningful protection (if handled with proper care to minimize contamination)?

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Chemically speaking, what's the difference between a result of yummy noms versus a trip to the hospital? Is it entirely a function of the flora/fauna involved, or is it more of a matter of process?

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Roughly how many tickets get immediately scooped up by scalpers? Do the companies involved in the ticket selling get a cut of the marked-up prices? Are there any corrective actions in the works to make purchasing fairer?

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What techniques or approaches can science communicators use to effectively educate or persuade people who are inclined to see science as inherently biased, if not outright false? How can ethical or sound policy be implemented in the absence of data, either because resources to obtain it are constrained or the results are treated as suspicious?