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I have heard and seen some black people looting other black people's business, and burning a disabled white man who was homeless.

How true are those?

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god..and then people are trying to protect the woman who got killed at the capitol for literal treason? America sounds like a nightmare.

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What? You don't think completely disregarding the votes of millions of Americans, rioting and shooting up the Capitol just cause Trump said so, and then didn't take any responsibility for lol, in the name of Trump and disregarding the warnings of police to an extent that they had to shoot a white unarmed woman,(for context, a guy in Austin TX was shot with a rubber bullet in a peaceful BLM and is now a veggie...poor guy, death would have been a mercy.)


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And people say America is the land of the free....unless they are white and rich. Like Epstein and that Prince of UK guy were free to molest children.

Can it be said that the current state of American regarding racism and other bs is cause of segregation in the past?

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Jesus.... Ok and in any of the PEACEFUL BLM protests, did the police open fire? And is it true President Trump didn't issue ANY kind of acknowledgement?