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Which is the best department in a theatre and why is it LX?

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G'day Brother, ex-strayan lighting guy here. My bread and butter was concerts, theatre and corporate, but I did also do movies, ads and tv.

I've heard all sorts of stuff about the union situation over there, and I'm wondering what it's really like. I read your replies about getting into the unions, but is things like job demarcation REALLY that bad?

Over here, everyone gets in and does the job. We concentrate on our own thing, but we're happy to lend a hand. On Ads, lighting and grips regularly work together, and lighting will have a fair bit of grip equipment. Board operators will pull cables and help pack down at the end. So is it really the case that a board operator does nothing but? A lighting guy gets his arse kicked if he dares to touch a c stand?

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I know that David Attenborough has been knighted, and has had all sorts of industry accolades and other honours, but I keep feeling that more should be done to show just how much his work means to the people of the world.

He's a presenter that transcends generations, and nobody can see any kind of wildlife footage without having his voice in their head.

How would you suggest that the people of the world can show him just how much he means to us all?

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Are you going to put out a Xmas album of these brilliant mashups?

Because I would pay money for that shit just to see my fam going "wtf?" when I put it on.

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I can answer this.

Basically, how long is a piece of string? A mate of mine worked on the movie Stealth, and they had some effects lighting that when turned on was 1 million watts, or 1 megawatt. They had 3 x 500kva generators synced together to run just that particular effect, and they couldn't turn them all on because the sudden load would make the generators lose sync.