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I burned out and got fired from my job and basically ended my career of 10 years in November. I'm struggling to have self confidence and find a direction to pursue now. Do you have any exercises you recommend to help people identify new directions to take after ending toxic careers?
Every time I start to think I might want to focus on a new path my perfection brain kicks in and reminds me I'm going to fail. It's been an insurmountable mountain.

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Wow thanks for such a long and compassionate response! I actually was looking at your site and if you took insurance I'd been emailing you about a booking. :)

This certainly was helpful. Processing through the end of a "dream career" is not a grieving experience I expected to have, and your advice to hone in on values rings true with me. It's something I'd already had in mind and this has given me motivation and tools to write down and formalize what I've been letting bounce around in my head. So often we're told to focus on /what/ we like doing and /why/ we like doing, but not the way it enriches our sense of self like a clear understanding of values can.

As for my persistent inner critic, they've been a life long issue that I know i need to dig through a lot of layers to crack. Thanks for your encouragement! It's definitely all been a lot of change but I keep remembering it is change for the better.

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Thanks friend!