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I can vouch for you. I knew some popular male revues in vegas and they were always on the coke, had alot of money issues..sleeping with women who one even offered them an old nice mustang. Lucky the hotel they were performing at paid their room and board or they would probably be poor and living in it. I saw their lives and didn't look very healthy.

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I worked in the strip club business in Vegas as the marketing director...we just did an all nude club that didn't serve any liquor until we got our license. Couldn't you do the same out there?

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As a member of the strip club business in vegas as a marketing director...i sometimes felt embarrassed of my job and often at my wifes family functions always veered away from discussing my job, even if I'm praised by friends as the luckiest man in the world...

How does your family feel about this business, and do you feel the same when discussing the job?