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Did you run this through OGC ethics? Because using your NASA badge while promoting a product seems like a violation of government employee ethical obligations...I get that you're just proving you are actually who you claim but you gotta be careful.

Also, what's a good place to eat at JPL? I'll be out in a few weeks.

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Thank you for being an envoy of all mankind (UN Outer Space Treaty). What's the strangest thing you've seen up there?

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Safe travels.

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Former staffer and current fed JD. I'd give up the security of a GS job to be back in the House any day. I'm of the opposite political persuasion but respect the work that you do. Thank you for your service.

A leaner more effective government requires managers with more tech skills, even basic tech skills. Honestly some of our senior folks could use some basic tech training...MS Word level basic training. That alone could reduce the amount of time it takes memos to be written and move up the chain.

But the pay freeze and the assault on federal workers. Let me be very specific with you. As an attorney for the feds I make about 1/3rd of what private attorneys here in DC make. My pay's been frozen for two years and your party is proposing a third. My rent has gone from $1192 to $1475 over that time, our health insurance premiums have gone up, our transportation benefit has decreased. We've had more than a freeze, we're losing money and it's harder and harder for us to afford living in DC. Over half my monthly income goes to rent and student loans. Will you consider supporting or even raising the proposed COLA for federal employees?